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Sea Fishing Southern France, Spain Portugal

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I have been searching the internet for any fishing locations in Southern France, Spain and Portugal with little luck as what posts there are tend to be old

Does anyone have any info from the last couple of years regarding places to go and fish that can be caught


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Hi try the "Europe" section of this website. All the info you need, including re licences etc.
Thanks Very Much

Had quite a long look in the threads there ...non of it terribly cheerful....largely saying fish in short supply


The Algarve in Portugal from Portimao to Lagos is good fishing.
Check the threads, I've explained Portimao and Alvor in pretty good detail.
Also check out 'Beachcomber_Bar_Mojacar' threads, has been some good shore fishing lately and a trip out on Pete's boat is only about 25 Euros, great value, I've done it!
End of the day tho' Canaries still the best.
Thanks for the Info

I have read the Mojocar thread and one guy was talking of going else where as the fishing is not so good

I read a lot of threads about the Canaries and not many where positive

Where have you been in the Canaries that you think is good ?


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I guess that you have not used 'search' to find the decent threads.
Fishing in Fuerteventura, Caleta de Fuste and Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is generally brilliant.
I have never, in ten years, blanked once!

See - 'Lanzarote fishing' 12/08/12,
or use the 'search' page.
'Lanzarote' brings up hundreds. 'Playa Blanca, Lanzarote' brings up less but the info is all there.

From my own experience of fishing for over fifty years and much of the world (I was twelve years in the Royal Navy), my favourite holiday fishing place is Playa Blanca in Lanzarote.
I almost always, every session, catch something worth eating and put loads back. I admit there are times of the day when I know the tide, weather, etc is wrong for fishing but I'm still happy to sit with a couple of bottles and a couple of ham & cheese rolls and just see what happens. Still always catch something.
I now try and target different species to add to my list of fish caught.
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Snap Mike . I do exactly the same in caleta but with tuna rolls and san miguel mmm roll on november.:drunk::fishing1:
Snap Mike . I do exactly the same in caleta but with tuna rolls and san miguel mmm roll on november.:drunk::fishing1:
Hi Ian
Good one! But I don't like San Miguel, much prefer the proper local beers. Anyway, the principles right!
I lived in Spain for many years, only tourists drink it, hardly any locals. It's like Fosters, Ausies don't drink it, we in the UK only think they do because of the adverts.

The other point is, that my age of seventy and being a pipe smoker. I can sit and reflect on the changing world until a bite jumps me back to life, of course it's usually too late then. The bloody fish has gone with my bait, gotta be quick with them Bream.
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