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Just left from Murco (towards Sandgate). Started 2 hours before and left 3 after, around midnight
The result: 4 pouting, 1 whiting, 2 sea stars
Just one of the poutings was small, the other ones were quite good size but all full of gill worms... I felt sorry for them and put them back.
Very dissapointed after i retrieved one of the poutings and a big sea star on the same rig... The fish was fighting and the star was creating drag. Feels like a really big one :schmoll: I was really full of hope as i thought is going to be a personal best for few minutes
Bait used was fresh lug tipped with squid.

Is the third time trying the same spot, each time was pouting, (almost) no whiting. All pouting was from as far i could cast, nothing close

Interesting how much 100 yards will do. Same location, towards Hythe, usually loads of whiting
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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