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A solitary run of macks resuklted in 4 for rick adn a horse mackerel a few casts later, Liam and I nothing :cry:

Had a nightmare setting up with my kit in the wind, stand fell over, lost a ring liner big rod rig caught in the smaller rod of those nights.... finally got a 3 hook flapper in the water on lug and whiting followed shorty after story of the nigh Put the bigger rod out larger hooks and a 2 hook flapper...more whiting.

Liam same

Rick had 2rods out on worms rag/lug and 1 with a big bait close in.

He had 3 schooiles and some whiting and 1 big hit on the bass rod but no take.

Ended the night with double figures of whiting 3 schoolies, 4 macks, 1 horse mack between 3 of us.

Had one more blow over of the stand and during the pack up my night mare start was neatly complemented by a broken rod tip putting the stuff back on the roofrack....
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