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Seagull for lunch

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I've not been fishing for a while (apart from few hours in Eastbourne whilst my wife was running a marathon - blank). So I set out today for a bit of exercise and to try out my new casting cannon on my Sandstorm. Lots of weed on the beach when I arrived, and nobody else there.

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Didn't get on too well with the casting cannon which is strange as the one on my Penn beachcaster works really well. I suspect the problem is my timing, as the Sandstorm is much stiffer, I suspect my release previously was due to the force of the line on my finger rather than me actually timing the release. So a bit more practice required.

No sign of fish, apart from this

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Highlight of the day was watching a peregrin falcon chase and catch a small gull. He caught it about 100m out to sea and dropped it on the beach about 50m from me but the gull managed to escape. A real coincidence was that when I was unpacking the car, a sparrow hawk swooped down my drive chasing a pidgeon - that got away too.
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Good effort Gareth. I thought at first you were going to say you'd caught a gull. Bad luck for the peregrine and the sparrow hawk too.
I remember trying a casting canon when I first changed to fixed spool reels.
I didn't like the lack of feel on the finge.feeling the max point of rod compression to trigger release is somewhat comforting.
That Blonde ray egg case is good to see.
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Great to be out in the fresh air Gareth....
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