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Seaview, IOW

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Just had a couple of evenings down on the sea wall at Seaview, HW between 11.00pm and 12.00pm.
Wednesday was a nice evening, liitle wind, warm and clear skies. Fished a single rod with initially 2 hook flapper, size 1, baited with ragworm. Bites started just after dusk and an hour before HW, constant nibbles from small pout but not much else. Scaled up to a size 2/0 to try and deter the smaller fish but still only picked up small pout.
Tried again last night, a bit cooler with slightly stronger breeze and more overcast. Put out 2 rods; one 2 hook flapper, size 2 baited with ragworm, the other a clipped down size 2/0 baited with ragworm and tipped off with squid.
Nothing showed until dusk and even then very quiet, although had a ringside seat for the local firework display and immediately afterwards had a good knock which resulted in a small bream.
The obligatory pout showed about an hour before HW followed by a couple of starry smoothhound pups. Finished the evening with a red mullet, my first and another species for the year.
Overall an enjoyable couple of evenings.
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