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went to sellafield beach today but couldnt get over the bridge to the pipe
access denied due to work on the bridge
so we took the road next to the fence (left of the train station)
and fished just to the left of the big bank behind us.

we took the bait pump and managed to get 40 odd black lug not bad seen as we were running late and the tide was on the turn.

(we hit seascale beach 3 days before and got 260 black lug between 2 of us
well actualy i havent quite got the hang of the pump and on that day i managed at a generouse guess 10)

we fished till 4 and only drew a flounder each steve the bloke i fish with missed a bass too busy ratching for peeler of witch only 2 made it onto his rig

gonna try the heads (st bees) next, maybe sometime this week
we plan to go for more lug to freeze down for winter and of course to fish with some fresh

bro inlaw had 2 cod to 3 pound each of the north heads on saturday
he is a bit reluctant to tell me what mark
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