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Well, just pants due to the weed. Went down with Greenjagjean to the East beach right of the lifeboat 2 hours before high tide at 21:45.

Fished black lug and crab at range on a 4/0 Pully Penneil and a two hook flapper with macckie and squid on the other rods.

Basically weed made it total pain, dragging the lead in the current. After an hour with nothing to show for our efforts, and hacked off wasting good lug and crab we decided to take a look at the point as this was totally weed free on Tuesday.

Well..... looking at it with headlamps it confusingly appeared that it was like low tide, but it was actually bang on high. Closer inspection revealed there was so much weed piled up that it looked like the beach had been raised in height, with the weed slowing moving up and down like some big black and green monster blamange as the waves just managed to move through it. it had to be at least five to six feet deep there.

Chucked out a whole macckie fillet on a 4/0 Pennel rig in a bay to the left of the weed monster, but not a touch. Left one hour later a tad frustrated, the only good thing was it was just a five minute walk home... for a pint of Gales HSB and the 'post match' discussion :wah:

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