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Age: 2 %Mature: 0 Weight (Kilo): 0.1 Length (Cent): 21.5
Age: 3 %Mature: 0.03 Weight (Kilo): 0.439 Length (Cent): 35.3
Age: 4 %Mature: 0.23 Weight (Kilo): 0.637 Length (Cent): 39.9
Age: 5 %Mature: 0.43 Weight (Kilo): 0.718 Length (Cent): 41.6
Age: 6 %Mature: 0.57 Weight (Kilo): 0.8195 Length (Cent): 43.4
Age: 7 %Mature: 0.9 Weight (Kilo): 1.0045 Length (Cent): 46.5
Age: 8 %Mature: all Weight (Kilo): 1.182 Length (Cent): 49.1
Age: 9 %Mature: all Weight (Kilo): 1.4595 Length (Cent): 52.7
Age: 10 %Mature: all Weight (Kilo): 1.7055 Length (Cent): 55.5
Age: 11 %Mature: all Weight (Kilo): 2.1275 Length (Cent): 59.7
Age: 12 %Mature: all Weight (Kilo): 2.4275 Length (Cent): 62.4

Bass can live 25 years, spawning 15 times and grow to over 20lbs.

Male fish do not grow large

The current MLS (36cm) is well below the age of spawning

It's interesting that bass shoal together for life. As the shoal gets older, it gets smaller as shoal members get taken, leading to the claim that big bass are solitary. They are not, just lone survivors (before intensive exploitation, if you hooked a big bass, you'd most likely catch another if you cast again quickly)

Young bass tend to be nomadic, but settle down in one locality as they get bigger. If you want to keep catching big bass, put them back and tell no one. When word gets out, it's not long before all the big bass that live there are taken, gone forever.

See also: Big Fish Matter

Tight Lines - leon

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Very interesting stuff Leon, thanks!

Didn't know about the whole "community" thing.

However, i still want to get to the bottom of how to determine the sex of the fish.

anyone know?


PS - im not being lazy - im continually giving google a hard time in my own quest to find the facts on the interwebs, but as of joy!
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