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Shakey SALT Bass Rod - Comments?

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Hi folks,

on the look out for a new light beachcaster for the other half (and me of course!). It'll be used on light ground and estuaries on the East coast for Bass, flatties & eels. It should be able to cast well & be sensitive & light. Don't want to spend more than 50 notes.

The Shakey sounds pretty good - anyone got one - anyone suggest alternatives?

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Haven't tried the new Bass rod, but have bought the new Salt XM 12 footer, its a great improvement on older rods its 4-8 oz casting and very sensitive , also has got a very good write up, so suspect the Bass will be a very good rod as well
There's a sticky thread on that subject at the top of this list.

Those that have seen the salt bass like the look of it but only time will tell if it's as good as the odesa. That's 2nd hand info - I haven't used either rod.

Thanks for the replies. Just found a deal on an Abu Premium Bass Rod.

How does this match up with the Shakey, anyone?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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