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i have a Shetland it is 16ft long . this year i will have it in my local mooring what i would like to know is i need a small dinghy to row over to get to the boat . what do i do with the dinghy after i am in the boat . do i deflate it or if small enough attach it to the front of the boat . i don't wont to tie it of at the mooring just in case it goes a missing . ( i know this sounds silly but i have to ask )also what size of small dinghy should i get it is just for one person i have seen loads all comments would be appreciated

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Ok mate:).
I see a lot of people just leaving there dingy on the mooring.
Or unless tie it to the boat go over to the ladder and put the dingy in your car etc??
And do same when you return, retrieve the dingy etc.

But personally I would leave it on the mooring.:)

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Is there no way you could make a running mooring that way you don't need to mess about with a punt?!

Basically a running mooring is a large loop of rope running from the shore to the mooring anchor, attached to this loop you have a rope clipped onto the bow of the boat. If you want to board the boat simply haul on the loop of rope which will move the attached rope and in turn the boat towards the shore. Then when you want to put her back out to the mooring simply beach her, clip her onto the rope and pull the loop in the opposite direction as before to pull the boat back out to sea.

Clear as mud..:laugh: I used this system from several years with an orkney longliner and fastliner before getting a marina berth.

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