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Forgive me admin if this is not allowed

We are looking for 1/2 persons to fill the boat for our private fishing party.

The trip

It's for 5 days fishing for Cod, Coalie,Pollack, huge Mackeral, Common Skate and Halibut leaving on the 2nd July fishing 3-7th July 2023 leaving Shetland on the 8th and returning home on the 9th July.(sunday to sunday) We only hire the boat for 6/7 people so plenty of space on a 45ft boat.
Car share is possible if you can get to Stockport, we leave early sunday morning, travel to Aberdeen, get the 17:30 ferry (overnight cabin in return) and arrive around 7:30 in Lerwick, Shetland where we then travel to the island of Yell where its virually straight on the boat for a days fishing. After the fishing its fillet the catch and store in huge ice filled cool boxes and to the digs which are less than 1/2 a mile away. We tend to share the cooking or you can sort yourself out if you want. Saturday we load up the fillets into cool boxes and its over to Lerwick for the trip home.

The location

As featured on David Attenboroughs new series Wild Isles we are fishing the grounds that are the farthest north in the United Kingdon mainly off the most northerly point the Muckle Flugga, the harbour we leave from is full of seal's and the occaisional sea otter, we have seen numerous whales over the years and the area is home to hundreds of thousands of bird mostly Gannets, The scenerey is stunning and the quietness of the place really does take some getting used to!

The fishing

I will challenge anyone to tell me where in the UK the fishing is as good for Cod, Pollack, Ling, Coalie's, Halibut and common skate, those who fish Shetland and have done Norway say its on par or better. Heavy duty tackle is needed if your fishing more than one hook as your in 300ft of water and the fish are quite simply huge! We have had cod up to 46lbs coalies to 30lbs Ling to 45lbs common skate to 150lbs Halibut to 60lbs, the latter two are not a common daily catch but they are there. Coalies can come in numbers where we have to ask the skipper to move firstly because we have caught enough and secondly because we are knackered as they fight like buggery specially if you have what we call the suicide rig on which is 3 hooks and your dragging 3 x 20lb plus coalies up!


If you car share fuel is added up we take two vehicle a huge van and a car and devided by the by how many is going. Again if your joing in with the evening meals in the digs the cost of the food is shared between us, we take it with us as there is only 1 shop on yell.

The price will be between £1100 and £1200 (based on 6 anglers, cheaper if 7) as we are still waitng for new ferry prices, etc this includes ferry and cabin to and from Shetland, ferry to and from Yell 5 days fishing aboard Compas Rose, (Kevin the skipper is a great guy and never stops working to ensure you have a great trip) and,the digs. This does not include tackle rod/real hire this can be done from the skipper however we recommend harness and butpad as your arms will not last!

The costs are what it costs us divided by the number of anglers and not trying to make money out of a trip.

We are 5 friendly anglers who like a good laugh, odd tipple and will happlily help any newby land their new personal bests.

Message or reply below if your interested first come first served basis

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