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If ur shimano anti reverse starts failing, and ur the type to oil and grease the reel its probably an easy fix..

1, take off the spool.
2, take off that big nut
3, remove the rota
4 undo the 3 screws that hold the big black round thing in place.

Now thats the ar roller, u may notice it says dont oil on it,

5 dunk it it v hot fairy liquid water, leave it for about 20 mins and swish it about

6 let it dry out
7 dunk it in a sealed container of lighter fluid for 20mins or so give it a good shake, take it out an let it dry
8, put it back together so far its always worked ,
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Had two shimano anti-reverses go on me this year.

Also had issues with a Daiwa Exceller, worm gear/shaft jamming.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy locally the handles reel servicing for a local tackle shop who said the size difference in 4000 sized reels parts to 2500 was quite dramatic and smaller parts on the more compact reels modern lure fishing is favouring are more prone to problems... May not be true but its his claim and stuck in my mind

Smaller parts will handle less strain,thats why we use bigger reels.The bigger parts will handle more harsh treatment like winching fish in.If you play the fish and let the correctly set drag do the work the gears will never come under strain.As for anti reverse sticking,how many of use dry the inside after rinsing?
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