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After a wild couple of days, it was nice to have a day of calm weather despite the rain, so i was determined to catch a few fish. Went and collected lug from my local beach was was pleased to find lots of slipper limpets scattered across the beach, not to mention the thousands of washed up starfish as far as i could see.
Got to my spot about 11 and set up both rods, both with 1up 1down rigs baited with the lug and limpets. Nothing in the first hour, but netherleess glad there was no weed around.
Around mid-day i started getting bites and slacklines. Landed four Bass, biggest two were 41 and 38cm. One however was only about 10cm, somehow swallowed a 3/0 hook! Lost a few aswell, one got away when my hook snapped :schmoll: Then to round off the session a big plump eel, thankfully hooked in the lip resulting in a quick release.
Decided to pack up at that point as it was high tide and i had run out of bait.
Overall a fun seesion and one for dinner :thumbs:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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