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So i went for a lure session at the RNLI station this afternoon. Lovely session alone. I say alone as the fish didnt show up. Even so, the sun and tea from my van made it nice.

Then two blokes on the grog showed up, they were nice enough. I knocked the fishing on the head got my surfboard out the van and went for a paddle for an hour. Got back to the van and the blokes had gone...........

...Leaving a pile of beer bottles, carrier bags and ****e where they were. So if its YOU, dont worry as muggins here cleared up after you. Im sure your rubbish was a little too heavy for you to carry so lucky that there are mugs on this planet like me to tidy up. Out of curiosity, does your mummy still wipe your backside for you???:g:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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