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Had some Rag to use from Saturday on the Marina so dropped onto the Arm at about 4pm(Just as the heavens opened)
For the first hour conditions were errr difficult! Tried on the Wide waterside to start, but was getting weeded out. Swap to the inside and the fishing was a lot more acceptable. Two hook flapper with Rag and Squid Cocktail saw a few little rattles, then after an hour or so as the wind dropped I connected with a Sole. Well when I say a Sole it was only 11cm long, but it was still a fish.
Tried with feathers for a while as some Mackie were being caught further up the arm by an army of Chineese people camped out there. After a crack off with the feathers swapped to a float with size 4 hook and strip of squid. Fishing at about 4 foot about twenty feet from the wall and I instantly had good bites, but could I hit any! Did have a Gar on for a couple of seconds, but after a spectacular leap he was on his way.
Packed up at 9pm - with nothingto take home for supper. But it was enjoyable just having been outside.

P.S. Does anyone know who the bloke is who has the memorial plaque about half wayup the wall? Was he someone locally famous?
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