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Fished Port Talbot short arm today had quite a good day. It was packed!

After some advice off the guys on here took my beach caster for bottom fishing and a spinning rod.

Only caught one fish on the bottom -a doggie.

had some good fun feathering for mackerel.... caught 7 and also 3 pollack - new species for me :D

Chucking plugs, shads and various other lures through the day had a follow from a nice bass (prob about 4lbish) but no takes.

Enjoyable day though.

Saw a guy coming off the end with a nice size bass he told us he'd been floatfishing live sandeel.... Anyone know of where I can buy some and how much?

I know rogers in Swansea used to do them but is there somewhere nearer East of Port talbot, Swansea a bit of a trek?

Barrelreef said:
Cheers Phil
By the way i tried a little bit of float fishing today but no joy.....would have liked to catch a mackie on float cos for a small fish they go like hell.

Could be good on light tackle :D
Believe me they are and so are garfish, pollack, bass, whiting

As a tackle shop owner said to me once, "float fishing in the sea is an alternative method of fishing that should not be under-estimated".

My biggest bass last year, 5 1/2lb on float fished ragworm, no more than 9' out at a depth of about 3'. The water was at least 10' at this point.

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And anyone who might know.

How do you keep the eels alive when your fishing and how long will they last? I've seen the aireated bait buckets for sale with the battery air pumps. Does anyone have experience with them?


I have one, if the water is changed on a regular basis and kept cool, then no problem. If they die, then you have very fresh deadbait. Just make sure that you spare batteries, my aerator has a car adapter so that when I am travelling to a mark, I can save the normal battery for later.

I have noticed that some people put ice in there, the ice has been frozen in a small bottle and the lid screwed down, I would have thought that the sudden shock of ice going in there would kill them??
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