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Short session at Gillkicker point - 24/04/07

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After a particularly tedious day at work I was feeling restless and to top it all there was a bowel operation in progress on Holby City. Right !
Scrabbled around at the bottom of the freezer and found a packet of sand eels and a manky re-frozen mackeral.
20 minutes later saw me at the point, setting up a single rod with a 3/0 pennel rig. I used the sand eels tipped with chunks of mackeral. The glow stick I'd attached on Friday was still going !
Nothing until the tide turned at LW around 22.30 - then it was virtually a bite a cast. All dogfish. After the 5th I took the hint and walked back home across the golf course - being entertained by loads of bats flitting around over my head. Yes it's official - bats in the belfry !
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