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View attachment 1075572 I left the house 230am Friday and picked my pal up, made good going on motor way was dead. Not much to report on, went all that way hoping for thornie with no joy, I fished west beach first 2hours of the flood. Got a few knocks but think was just crabs, then we head up the prom. Was 6 people fishing a guy from Durham and his m8 from Blyth and 2 blokes from Carlisle. Was only 4 fish landed between use to small dabs and I got nice flounder. So we had Bluey ,mackerel some dispoint Rag worm from byker and sand-eels. We decided to fly down to Whitehaven pier but that was just as bad, at least I never blanked like my m8 first time over the west for him.
George 2-30am really !!! my friend you really do love your fishing, this is very clear,
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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