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Hi All
I am thinking of heading off to fish at slains below castle!
I have fished there before a few times a while back!
But i have always parked at cruden bay harbour,and that means quite a
Trek! does any one know a closer but still safe place to park


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yep,pass cruden bay toward peterhead,and to your right hand side you have a car park.park there and walk to your mark.
good luck.

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From Cruden Bay head towards Peterhead on the main road out of Cruden Bay, about 2 miles outside Cruden Bay there is a small parking place on the right next to the road. If comming from Peterhead it is about 1/2 mile from the Bullars of Buchan car park on the left. It holds about 6 cars and has logs seperating the parking slots. There is a track from this place taking you directly to Slains.
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