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Hi all,

I'm trying to get my hands on some live sandeel and wonder what are/is your preferred way of catching them (from the shore).
Some of the methods I've heard about are -
Catch them in a pushnet just like prawns,
A bigger net pulled about by a couple of people,
Dig them out with a fork at low tide,
Running the back of a knife with a couple of notches out through the sand,
using mini feathers,
and I'm sure the list goes on...

I've been and had a look at low tide but there doesn't seem to be any gravel bars (where I've heard they hide) and I had a go in the sand but no luck. I know the sandeel are there in numbers because you can see them at high tide and I've actually caught a couple of launce on a small spoon.

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations before I start making myself a pushnet and buying mini sabikis.

Ta and tight lines ✌
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