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Slowing down?

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After a couple of very busy weeks on the bass front, I was hoping for more of the same this week and with perfect weather forecast, I couldn’t wait to get out again. With the tides building, I expected Thursday to be the most productive night, but I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the chance to fish on Tuesday night first 😄. As I expected on the smaller tide, the numbers of the previous few weeks had definitely thinned out a bit, but I was still fortunate to land another brace of silvers. First off was a small fish of 33cm, then just as dusk began to fall, I was fortunate to improve on that with a better fish of 54cm, my first of the year on the mighty Mishna 😊.

I hoped this might be just the start of a decent evening’s sport but strangely, as darkness proper fell things went very quiet 😟. I persevered for another 2 and a half hours but no more bites came, and so with a second session planned in less than 48 hours, I called it a night at a sensible time, just after midnight 😁.

Thursday evening soon came around, and by 19:00 I was back at the same place once more and ready for round 2. I started off walking along the shore, pausing occasionally for a few casts at any likely looking spots and I had only made a few casts at my second stop of the evening, when my lure was smashed barely a few meters out from the rod-tip 😮. Rather than attempt to run with its meal to deeper water, the attacker just thrashed about on the spot for 30 seconds or so, and I knew immediately that it wasn’t a bass which had taken a shine to my lure. Sure enough, as soon as I had got the culprit under control and I began drawing it towards shore, I could see that it was in fact a nice sea trout of 50cm 🥳.

After such a great catch I couldn’t move on straight away, so I stayed in the same place for another 15 minutes, but when no more bites were forthcoming, I moved off along the shore again. Half an hour later and I had arrived at the place I intended to fish up to high water, and 10 minutes or so later my lure was hit again. Sadly the hook didn’t hold, but it was good to know there were fish out there. With my confidence boosted I carried on and soon after this, my lure was well and truly smashed! This time there was no doubting the identity of the attacker as almost immediately after grabbing my lure, it began tail-walking right across in front of me 😲. After doing this a couple of times the sea trout resorted to swimming rapidly backwards and forward thought the weed in front of me, but thankfully by a miracle, it didn’t get tangled in the cabbage. Eventually I managed to get the fish under control and by walking slowly back to the shore with my rod held high, I safely landed the second sea trout of the evening, a slightly bigger fish this time of 52cm 🤩.

Now I’ve only ever caught 2 sea trout in a session on 1 previous occasion, but with several more hours of fishing to go, I couldn’t help but wonder if I might be able to beat that 🤔 but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

As dusk approached, things did begin to look up slightly and I finally managed to catch my first bass of the evening, a modest fish of 43cm 👍,

but the trout were nowhere to be seen.

Once more, as darkness descended sport died off completely and I barely heard any more sounds of life for the rest of the evening 😥. I tried everything I could think of to tempt a fish into another attack but they just weren’t interested and I finally called it a night at 00:15.

So it appears that the fishing could finally be slowing down, but I’m not ready to move on just yet. I’ll be back in the same general area again next week, but if the bass are scarce again, I’ll still be more than happy with another hard fighting sea trout or two 😉.
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Nice sea trout Andy (y)
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