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hello everyone havent used the site in a while as have been fresh water fishing but now the cod are starting to show im back on the beaches again.

i was woundering if me and my mate organised a little match at aldeburgh would anyone be interested in fishing it.i was thinking of arranging it on,..

Sat 3rd october
fish 3pm till 9 pm
£5 pools pay 1st 2nd and maybe 3rd depending on how many fish
£1 big cod
high water 23:05

the match would be a rover match between thorpness and as far as you want to walk up the wall from parking at the gate.we could meet at the shell car park as its an easy meeting in between 1.30 - 2.00.everyone leaves at back at the car park for 10pm for weigh in.

let us know your thoughts and who would be interested.thanks carl.
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