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small tides

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Greetings all, I am bringing my 2 lads fishing this week to north wales . i have never fished the area at on smaller tides or at low. thinking of trying colwyn. could any one tell me if theres any dodgy gulleys at the moment which could catch us out on the flood, also would a 7.5 tide let us fish from car at dusk over high. any help would be gratefull. they havent caught any seafish this year (only been out twice) so ive got to put them onto a fish or 6. im banking on doggies at dusk!!! ive just got poor confidence on the smaller tides. CHEERS:unsure::help:
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Colwyn bay beach from Old Colwyn to Rhos On Sea is a safe beach to fish at low water with no dangerous gullies. If your fishing over low it would be best to fish into evening or early morning and go towards the headland or off the beach by the arches. You can fish off the prom at high even on low tides and again fishing into evening is best but you can get mackerel in the daytime if the water's clear enough.
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