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Second time smoothhound fishing, first session was an almighty blank after blank baby .
Had a hectic night , fished low water up, well, as up until i couldnt physcially keep a rod in the water for the duration of baiting another up, absolutely mental !
Landed 10 hounds up to 5lb 11z

Silly me only brung the hooks with crushed barbs which are for my rat fishing, i like to use barbless as makes sure i can get my hooks and and increase mortality rate , so did lose a few on their runs towards me with their headshakes but yeah, nailed a few !!

Every one was a male, and 7/10 showed me some love juice while unhooking haha.

God im tired now !!!

Had 3 double takes , 4 singular fish , lost 3, and i had to pack up only 3 hours in as i just couldnt keep doing it haha, mayhem !! All on crab, wouldnt touch another bait , was my only way to get enough time for a *** was sticking squid on one rod, even then it was still crazy !!


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