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took my mate dave out as dad was taking mum out to sheringham today, head down from orfordnd out to mark dave has fished before near the cutler.

tide was pumping well on the flood but fishing was a bit slow to start but dave soon found the doggies and then a 3lb cod then a 5lber straight afterwards and i only had 1 doogie at this point so one was feeling a bit dispondant.

then the uptide rod gave a little tuck and sailed away and after a hefty pump a roker of about 43lb came abord, then whilst dave was reeling in yet another doggie my rod gave well heft bthump down but i thought it was dave rubbing on my line so i left it, then it went again, so i thought i dont know could be a good bight and yes it reely went over so i lunged in and the rod bent right over, woohh i thought this is a bloody good thornie, after about 10 mins of slow pumping got as far as the leader and the fish got of so i was well peed off to say the least.

then had another cloking bight so left it even longer but then duly missed it, so realy peed of.

then the uptider went well slack hit in to hit and the rod went mental after a good fight brought in my best smoothy to date a nice big 11lber, dave little rod went over and lost a big smutt so it was his turn to look jarred off, so he dropped it down again and due hit into another big smutt but this was even bigger then mine at 16lb.

they must have been a pack under the boat as all my rods were going mental and it was hard to keep them in the water.

in the end i had a 6, 5 and 3 3lbers and dave had another at 5lb.

but the fishing was very quiet on the ebb with just 2 small cod to me plus some doogie to us both.

all smutts returned along with the small roker to fight another day.

truely brill day, the smutts were all caught on either straight squid or squid and blacks.

:clap2: :boat:
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