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Snapped MC Triplecross

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Snapped Triplecross eu custom 9ft 6in 10-30 3hrs into session and had just starting casting using a 19grm savage gear pencil 3rd cast snap the lure went well out followed by most of the top section
I have no idea of what went wrong the rod Snapped just in front of the second eye up from the joint I thought firstly my leader had wrapped around the tip but then surely it would have Snapped around the tip area and the lure would have hit the water just in front of me but it flew around its usual distance any ideas most welcome and if anyone has a top section lying around doing nothing and would like to move I would be interested before I order a replacement thanks murpho
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Get in touch with the good people at tacklewave or go via the shop you purchased it from as I鈥檓 sure they can sort something out regarding a new tip section.
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Hi Kevin already done but there not putting there orders in for a few weeks so I thought i would put the feelers out on the off chance thanks for the advice m8
Try, Chesil bait and tackle,,, ask for Mike,,,
Explain what happened,, there very very good,,
Paul isn't to bad in there either,,
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Thanks Mark spoke to Mike there waiting for an order from my local tackle shop and they will send me one in it regards murpho
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