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Bradwell report 22nd August 2009-08-23

Not a lot to shout about this Saturday, Peter brought his uncle and cousin James and a lovely Slovakian lady Zana who is studying in this country, It made for tight fit in the cockpit, with Mick and Steve here as well, I stayed out of it, doing the driving and tea making, still a bit iffy when casting so it was just well. We managed to miss the tide and had to wait for the flood to allow us to leave the marina, finally getting away at 9-45am, so half the day gone already, Mick suggested we stay local and go up the coast to Clacton, seemed reasonable as we had had codling and bass on the last set of big tides there, and by hugging the North shore we could get out of the main run of tide. It still took us about 45 minutes to reach the mark. It was not good one small whiting to six rods in one hour despite the bait dropper getting full use. A move was on the cards, and it did not take long to happen. Still inside the Gunfleet but in much deeper water we started again and not long after we these two, Mick hooked it up and let Zana do the business

I got to the second one by a gnats to hook it up, then gave the rod to the young un who brought it back to the boat.

As you can see Peter was not amused. Apart from that Peter managed a small thornback.

he is not as good looking as Ron but he has him beat in shorts

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