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Close to home we have a place called Loch Lomond . Man , this place is huge ! It’s a marathon from bottom to top if you ever fancy running the bloody thing . None of us are able or will ever be able to run so we kayak instead .

All we can think about is fish . We suspect they do live there however we cannot see them . Today is still , there is hardly a breath of wind cutting across , this is hell .

We are here to enjoy the scenery and fishing is like watching paint dry . The little lures are not working today , fish are not interested . It does not matter how many time you cast and retrieve them , today they will not catch a fish . We are not interested either , now it’s time to relax .

The very best way to catch anything is now down to ledgering . Dropshot the garden worm that will work and never fail . The perch are far and between but they are interested in a big juicy worm . The rod is bouncing from time to time .

The day went on and we were all going to sleep , it was way too still for some proper fishing .

And now the dreaded catch of all , not one but two little ruffe . You may think the little ruffe is cute . The little ruffe was introduced back in the day by the engerland fishers . They thought they would make a fantastic live bait . The little menace , salmon egg eater are simply not welcome on the bonnie banks .

Actually we all had a great day out , Loch Lomond is one of the prettiest place on earth . Fishing was dour but you can still enjoy the video
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