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Last year and this year we have been lucky enough to be part of the Tuna fishery here from Plymouth.

Having put plenty of anglers on them, I've not actually had a go myself!

This week there was a day to put that right...

Previously one son had been aboard and got one of 72" tagged and away. On this trip I wanted my youngest to get his but he insisted I went first.

Once our two customers (booked half the boat) had enough with their tunas they strapped me in the harness and it was my turn. The fish was brutal, to the extent I may now even give the future customers less grief when hooked up lol, and really made me work. Unfortunately it dropped the hook just 15 turns from the boat.

Little jack was next up and opted for the chair. An amazing effort made for one of those memories that will be engrained for ever. 73" of tuna alongside, tagged and revived before release.

What an awesome experience!
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