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Sorvaer Norway August 2010-08-12

Some months ago I put a post on this forum asking for information regarding Sorvaer, and much to my surprise no response.
After going there August 1st 2010 through to 10th I can understand why.

The fishing lodge we stayed in had had no UK visitors for the last 10 years, and only 1 group from Eire 3 years ago. Most of the visitors were from Sweden Latvia and Germany, also a far number of Norwegians.Our booking was via Din-Tur that take up about 20% of the lodges spaces.

With so many questions regarding fishing and travel from forum visitors I will try to give a more detailed report on how to get to the place and what to expect, seasoned visitors to Northern Norway I therefore suggest skip to the end.:blink:

Getting to places in Northern Norway

Getting to Tromso is straight forward, for us in the south. Gatwick to Tromso simples. Norwegian airlines was the airline, and they are sort of half way house between Ryan air and BA.
Getting from Tromso can be a little more daunting (they don’t tell that bit in the brochure).:g:
Unfortunately flight from Tromso to Alta do not line up very well, we opted the coach route.
[email protected] offer excellent service. This year 24 were travelling, 8 to Loppa and 16 to Sorvaer, and Bussring supplied a 40 plus seater coach to get us to Oxsfjord the main ferry terminal. Veolia fast ferries and the Hasvik ferry which is on the Island of Soroya.
Journey from Tromso is some 6 hours drive including stops, compulsory for the driver and unfortunately you miss the ferry that day so accommodation in Oxsfjorf is required.

The overnight stay actually makes a pleasant break although it will cost £70 each based on 2 people sharing. (Based on 9 Nok to the £) Room like a half size travel lodge but adequate.:g:

Ferry for Loppa leaves at 11.00am and our Ferry left at 9.30.

Summary of journey as follows.

Arrive 7.00 am arrive Tromso 14.20 local time, bus pick up 15.00.
Supermarket stop for provisions, arrive Oxsfjord 21.00.
Sleep over Oxsfjord hotel , Hasvik ferry 9.30 am arrive Hasvik 11.00am pick up bus Hasvik arrive Sorvaer 12.00 midday.
Briefing about the accommodation and boats given by Hans our Dutch guide/ Host and got fishing 4.00pm.
A long and tedious journey but well worth it.

Now some information about Sorvaer.
The town is dominated by longline fishermen and fishing tourist such as ourselves.
Sweden seems to dominate the recreational fishing interest and have about 7 larger 150HP-250HP Aluminium boats which could accommodate up to 6 anglers. They were very friendly, and were happy to exchange information. they really are a very well equipped boats, and use the local guides. They were happy also for us to follow them, but 250 hp compared with 50hp boats not very practical. You could actually hire the boats for about £300 plus fuel per day. ( We did not bother however)

The supermarket is about a 10 minute walk, or 5 minutes via boat, from the accommodation and is very well stocked. Be warned, Norway has a higher cost of living, than the UK so you might be a bit shocked at the check out! Bread is cooked on the premises and it opens at 10.00 and closed at 4.30. It is closed all day Sunday. Staff are very helpful, and do speak a little English.

The petrol is self service , just insert credit card fill you tanks and the transaction goes through automatically. Fuel is 14.7 NOK per litre so about £1.63. Our fuel cost for the 9 days, with 4 persons on the boat worked out at about £12.00 per day each.

Within 50 yards of our accommodation was a pub. Very nice, and got some good tips for local Dab and Plaice fishing, but 6.5 Nok for 0.4 of a litre, relieved to be T total, well at least in Norway.:)

Early August in this area the sun does set, but you do still have 24 hours of daylight, so you can go out any time .

Hans said we were the luckiest party for the weather, :clap3:we did manage to fish everyday for the full 9 days. Some days we had to wait for the wind to drop, some days we came in earlier if the wind got up. Wind was mainly from the South West so up to 18 C on some days , never needed my Long Johns once! :clap3: As stated the weather we had was exceptional, some visitors can lose 50% of the fishing time to bad weather.

Now for the fish bit, and I think only one word could describe it, OUTSTANDING.:clap3::clap3::clap3:

I will do a full picture report when I gather the pictures up from other members of the party.

16 anglers in 4 boats total fish would be too numerous to mention, so I will list the notable fish per boat.

Boat 1
Cod 46lb 33lb 33.5lb 33 lb 32lb 28lb 24lb
Halibut 90lb ( estimated, by 7 anglers .1.5 meters long) 22lb 12lb 10lb
Coalfish 25lb 22lb 17lb 16lb 15lb 12lb
Haddock up to 7lb
Red fish 3lb

Boat 2
Cod 44lb 42lb 40lb 36lb 30 lb
Halibut 36lb 23lb 12lb
Coalfish 18lb.

Boat 3
Cod 70lb 51lb 45lb 42lb 40lb 35lb 33lb
Halibut 44lb
Coalfish 19lb 17lb
Boat 4

Cod 52lb 44lb 37lb 36lb
Halibut 50lb ( estimated)
Coalfish 18lb

Many thanks to Cathy and Craig of Brightlingsea tackle who organised the trip, and Norsemen who help with many Norwegian points.:notworthy
Also Hans van Sabben who gave us twice daily weather reports and many special marks to go to when the wind was safe to travel 26 miles to the hot spot.:secret::notworthy

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Excellent report johnny. Spectacular results. The weather God was obviously on your side for the trip. A lot of very useful information i'm sure a lot of people will find very handy.

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Sounds like a proper expedition! Glad it all worked out so well , some real lunkers amongst lots of quality fish, and thanks for all the info :clap3:

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16 people fished, so a wide variety of lures fished.
I used either dead bait,1-2Lb in weight Coalfish or Cod, or Sidewinder lures. 4 ,6 or 8 inch all worked.
I also used a 5 inch twin tail.
I fished the sidewinders on a boom 6-8 oz lead and a 6- 8 foot long 50lb Amnesia trace. Down to the bottom and wound in at a varied pace until I had a hit.
Picked up many fish on the way down, but if i had not caught after 60 turns I would let it down to the bottom
I fished the dead bait also like this with either a sise 10/0 treble hook dangled 10 to 15 turns up from the bottom.
I also used Giant jig heads and giant bait heads. The big Halibut fell to a giant bait head a Coalfish.
My 2 biggest Cod 33lb fell to 4 inch blue sidewinder, and the other a 2lb Cod dangle from the bottom.
I did post last year, is it time to throw away your pirks, and in my book, the will be used next year, but only as weight for the booms.
Haddock certainly went to 4 inch sidewinders as did the Coalfish.
Pirks were used on my boat, but had no significant advantage, and it was noticable that many fish were foul hooked.
Herring pirks were effective as were some of the silver and red ones, but I found prrking far to energetic !!!
The 70lb cod was caught on a norwegian type pirk.

Like all things in fishing, fish the way you feel most comfortable with.
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