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hello all,

I've just discovered this forum and reckon it's time to get my rod out...
I'm currently living in Southampton, having enjoyed alot of rock fishing in South Wales, but don't know where to go around here!

I've got a car to travel, and have been told Bournemouth/Christchurch might be a place to go - I want to try to get some fishing in this weekend but don't want to spend the whole time driving round looking for suitable marks. Can anyone suggest any suitable areas that i could explore, and what might be catchable around these southern waters at this time of year?

I know no-one is going to give me any secrets on good marks, but just general coastal areas would be a start, I'm just itching to get back out and sit on a cold rock for a few hours!!

Any help would be much appreciated,


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I think im too late, but...

hengistbury head is good. Drive to the carpark then get the land train to the head itelf. Nice beach, groynes, rough sea in a wind. On the other side of the road...flat harbour water!

I've had bass there.

Or...weymouth harbour, veru popular and at the right time of the tide it's heaving with fish unless its just after a heavy rain.

I've had pollock, smelt, and something too tough to eat that hs a name I forget coz i'm only a beginner!

Oh, and bass have been taken, and flatties to I think.

Oh, and bloody loads of crabs.


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