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View media item 46600View media item 46601View media item 46596View media item 46599View media item 46598View media item 46597few hours after work yesterday after a few dab's for tea today
bait was only a few frozen blacks-razor and squid strip
an old light daiwa beachcaster and faithful abu 6500c power handle
2 hook wire boom flapper size 1/0 aberdeens with a 4oz grip
got to the spot in light to find my way around (not been here since last summer!)
only razor tipped off with squid strip caught 4 dabs(rammed with roe) took 2 for food-yum!
and caught 2 woofs(one woof around 3 1/2lb
only dabs n dogs again but im out there;)
nice few hours out fishing:) after an early S*** work start:rolleyes:

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Not a bad result....thinking of fishing Llangennith in a few weeks. ....tight lines nick
iv heared today- genith is fishing for flounder,but a bit weedy
dont let a lil bit o weed put you off tho
might be clear by then

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Tidy fishing butch got your target species, I'm going to Horton Friday can't wait
aright Dai
stunning down there mate
3 of us was there 2nd week january
got my wife to drop us off and stayed there for a right shift!
dabs dogs coalie Pollock whiting and 1 lonely plaice for me
nothing big but a tidy session

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Oh nice, plaice is what I'm hoping to catch, but happy to hook anything, what bait you use, we taking maddies,Kings,black lug, mackerel, razor, sandeel, and squid l, hopefully should catch something lol
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