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Hi Folks,

Been fishing my fave mark south of Stonehaven the past two weekends and both have produced well. Cod at the top of the tide (2-3 per trip 2.5 lb and over) on peeler (nothing else sems to do them at this time of year).

There has also been quite a few coalies about which have not been taking my bait readily but falling instead to the mighty Dexter Wedge! 2 for every three casts, or just less and great fun! Mostly small but there is the odd 2lb-er.

Best of all has been the ballan wrasse ... there never seems to be a small one and its like dragging a black labrador though the water, on its lead, while its shaking its head to get its collar off! Ah luv em!

Oh aye and a couple of octopus puddling straight down at my feet from the rocks. If only I was a more adventutous cook! How do you kill and cook them, anyone?


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