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hi all iam fishing for 2 weeks in june 2005 on the gower south wales my main base will be three cliffs bay , my question is has any one shore fished at this bay if so could he or she give me any feedback on the quality of fishing iam to expect many thanks.

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Its not exactly the "hot spot" of Gower, you will pick up the odd flounder & maybe a school bass or two, without a doubt night tides will produce far better than daylight, normally the last hour of the ebb & the first 2/3 hrs of the flood are the most productive.
Hunts Bay just east of you (accessable from Southgate car park) is a better venue for bass & good peeler collection area, (rough ground). West of you is Port Eynon & Oxwich, fishing from either point can be productive (spinning), Overton Mere further west another good spot, & Rhossilli Beach again at night (when the surf is DOWN, if you can hear it, its too high, fish it on a small tide preferably) I have always said that if the increase in tide height is greater than 18" in a day in the tide table, forget Rhossilli.
Apart from baiting up for you I cant help any more.
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