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Hi all,

Just thought id post a report for friday, fishing was pretty bad really, wind was up and the weed was about. fished upto high water ann then 5 hours of ebb.

weed was driving me nuts again, when's it goin to disapear?!
think im goin to load up with braid straight through, should stop the problem with the leader knot!!

Anyway, not a bad nite fish wise, my mate had a small blonde ray, four pout and a schoolie.
i had weed, weed and more f?#@ing weed!!! and then went to reel in for the last time, just felt like weed again! sure enough i had weed on but once id cleared the weed off and started reeling again out came a lovely bass :banghead::banghead:eek:f bout 3lb. mesured it at 41cm.!!!! well chuffed with that as biggest bass yet and didnt even know i had it on!!!

Tasted well nice!
my two boys were impressed aswell! will be getting them into it once there old enough!
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