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Fished Southbourne last night with a couple of mates. We ariived at 2100 and fished till 0100. One of my mates is very new to fishing but is picking things up slowly, he set up his rod and put a running ledger on with a single rag, he always thinks he has a bite and is bringing it in every two minutes, so when he said he had a bite after I had just cast out for him, I didn't take much notice! Still he strikes into it and brings in a 2lb Bass!! Great start.

We then fished till 2300 without a bite, then Birdsnest Master pulled out a small sole of just under a pound, which was a surprise to me, I then had my only fish of the night, a small pout but I did miss a couple of good bites. My novice mate then had another slightly better sized sole and another pout to finish the night off.

All fish were caught on rag, although we spent much of the night using sandeel trying for rays! I thought it was a bit early for sole but then this year seems a bit strange with plaice and rays both showing early.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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