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I arrived in Southend and parked up loaded my trolley

and was at my mark and 1st cast by 18.30.

The weather was great, it was a lovely evening with a

slight breeze, big Sun and apart from the constant

shouting by 2 of the girls working on a ride just

behind me, not to mention what sounded like 12,000

screaming kids on my shoulder, it was lovely,

quiet and peaceful ::)

I sent a text to Tony (Wkdice) to let him know I was

fishing got the reply I nip down later to see how

it's going.


I was using my 32 year old mk2 Daiwa Supercast rods

paired with a couple of ABU 6501 blue C4 reels, 60Lb

Braid shock and 18Lb Ultima Distance, I had replaced

the shrink wrap on the butts and changed from a zip

sliders I had fitted some years back to screw winch

reel seats moving them up the butt 8 inches, this was

the 1st time I had used them since then and was well

pleased with the result.

I had bought a few bits in the WSF tackle shop sale

including a some Tronix rigs, (3 hook flappers),

I didn't like the look of them, snood and body length,

so I put Tronix rig on 1 rod and my own on the other

just to compare the 2.

Only had frozen bait, Black Lug, Squid, Sand Eel and

a few Hermits.

I fished at varying distances but the bait was

coming back untouched every time, not a bite.

Tony arrived about 20.30, laughed at my bait and went

to his car, he came back with a bucket containing live

Lug Worm, Rag Worm and some peelers, I aint going till

you catch he said, so after rebaiting with rag, Lug and

peeler I casts out both rods and withing 10 mins I had

landed my 1st fish of the session at around 21.00, just

after high water.

Coinsurance maybe or maybe not either way gota say thanks

to Tony for dropping off some great unexpected bait which

worked very well plus we had a nice chat which we could

do by this time as Peter Pan's had closed :) :) :) :)

Anyway, the fish switched on from around 21.00 till

22.45, I was had 3 trebles, 8 doubles and 12 singles by the

time I packed up at 23.00, all Whiting from 5 to 8 inches,

I had to carefully remove a hook through this gill on the

last 1 which swam off like a shot.

It had been about 6 years since I had fished that mark

which I used to fish on a regular basis with good results

so I will definitely be down there again soon, hopefully

I will find a few School Bass next time too,

Tight Lines All,

Snagger :cool:

Ps:- Pix are in the Shore Gallery.

Pps:- Tony, mate, please excuse the poetic licence, Lol ;)

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Nice report Snagger :thumbs:, I used to fish the area you refer to on a regular basis years ago..................................Peter Pans ??????????.....Adventure island NOW keep up with the times !!!!!!!LOL ..:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:..........cheers Chico
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