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Not a huge amount to report. Fished Southbourne in front of double ***** from around 2000 until around 2330, got there a bit later than I'd hoped. Wind was south easterly, water fairly clear and just a touch of chop, high tide was around 2040. Moon was very bright so confidence wasn't high. Fished using fresh lug and white rag that I'd dug from Poole harbour that afternoon. Stuck a lug sausage on a 3/0 one hook clipped down around 40 yards out in the first gully hoping for an early bass and the other rod had a size 2 two hook flapper with a lug tipped with white rag, again in the first gutter, scratching around to avoid the blank.
Had a rattle fairly early on the flapper rod and reeled in with a rockling so blank avoided. Still nothing on the big rod but continued to re-bait every 30 mins or so. Had another rattle on the small rod at around 2230, whiting this time. At around 2330ish I'd had enough and knew I had to be up the next day for a lure session so decided to wrap.
Finished the night with a rockling and a whiting. Should have taken fish baits and whacked em out for the rays/turbot but dug some decent lug and didn't wanna waste it.
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