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yo! peeps, just a wee note of what we were up to today
started out digging bait,then motored our way round to newhaven harbour.
the wind was a wee bit more than a fart by this point and after picking the rod off the ground for the umpteenth time we moved round to granton breakwater.

this wasnt any better as the wash was coming high up the wall.

Cut our losses and went round to south queensferry, walked thru the woods at dalmenny?<sp> estate and fished the sandy bay.Bit snaggy but looks the place to go rampant with some spinning gear :)

ended up as usual at the harbour at SQferry, fished the tide out and then decided to dig a wee bit more bait 'just in case' for tomorrow.

What you got to show for it aldo? i hear you ask?
a good dose of sunburn on the bald napper and a coalfish :mad:

However a new day dawns tomoorow and a carfull of bait and fuel will see us fly off into the horizon to try the northside of the forth.
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