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Southwold (south beach)

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Morning all.
I thought I’d write up a quick report from this mornings session whilst thawing out over a brew.
The intention was to go last night at Coveheith as I haven’t fished there for a while but the knees weren’t playing ball last night so rested up, bottled the enthusiasm & loaded the van to go early hours today.
Left the house about 4:30am and again decided against the Coveheith and hit the south beach in Southwold by the harbour mouth to save the walk. Low water in place, frost on the ground, very soft breath of wind from the NW i proceeded to set up.
One rod set up with a 2 hook flapper with the target species dabs and the other rod set up with a pulley pen for anything that maybe lurking around. The ground is very shallow that end of the beach so plonked the flapper set up around the 40-50 yard mark and aimed the pulley more towards the harbour mouth to see what happens. Both rods baited with lug, no frozen baits were taken today.
First cast on the flattie rig produced the targeted species, a dab and a ting. Albeit the only dab of the morning, it produced whiting throughout the session. The pulley rig was a lot quieter, producing two whiting, one a keeper. I maybe should have swapped the pulley rig over to another flapper but to be honest…I couldn’t feel much of my fingers at that point. All fish returned safely and to live another day.
I packed up around 8:00am just as the beach was filling up with walkers and their hounds.
So a better outcome than my last session and maybe worth trying there again for the dabs.

Tight lines 🎣

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Thanks for the report buddy.
Bet its taking a while to warm up. At least you managed your target species.
Fingertips just about thawed out!
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