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Species Hunt Rules

The aim of the Species Hunt
For each angler to catch as many species as possible over the course of the period of the main competition in order to qualify for mission badges that will run at 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 species in a year. For those who hit 40 species in a year they will receive a special gold Species Hunt Mission badge.

Species Hunt Time Period
The main WSF Species hunt will run from the 1st of January 2020 to the 31st of December 2020.

Species Hunt Regions
The Species Hunt will take place within the immediate waters of Britain and Ireland, including those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Species caught from British Overseas Territories will NOT count.

Where you can fish
Only fish caught within tidal, saltwater areas can be entered into the species hunt. This includes the open sea and estuaries and any other saltwater water body that is subject to tidal movements. The Hunt excludes species caught in rock pools.

Species Hunt Boat and Shore
The species hunt is a combined total of your individual shore and boat species. For example a whiting if it has been caught on both boat and shore will only count ONCE for your total.

Each species counts as one entry. Only one of a species can be counted each year to reach your total overall species count during the time frame of the competition.

Only species that have been photographed against the appropriate card can be entered. Photographs should clearly show the distinguishing features of the species in question for ID purposes.

Only fish species caught by method of rod and line are to be counted. Fish caught by other means are not eligible for this species hunt.

Only fish caught from the shore are eligible for the shore fishing hunt and only boat caught fish are eligible for the boat fishing hunt.

Entry Updates
We expect all entrants to keep their species lists up to date over the year. We require that as you catch a new species you add them to your list along with a photograph. We will not be running any competitions based on fish sizes so there is no reason that species cannot be entered as they are caught.

How to Enter the Competition
Entry is simple. All you need to do is download the Species Hunt Card and print it out. Then pop it into something waterproof, water resistant or something protective and take it with you each time you go fishing.

Start a thread in the WSF Species Hunt Forum entitled *Username* Species Hunt, replacing *Username* with your actual username.

When you catch a new species simply take a photograph of the fish next to the species hunt card, add a new post to your thread with a picture and the name of the species and that is your entry complete.

Applying for your Species Hunt Achievement Badges
Once you have reached a certain target you can then apply for your Species Hunt Achievement Badges. You can do this simply by PMing the Species Hunt Co-Ordinator: Nick Phillips on the WSF Forum and including a link to your species count list on the relevant forum.
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