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Hi all-Im on hols tues/wed and heading out to the low tide mark at my local beach. As its a springtide (or biggish tide anyway) i expect to be digging for razors and whites.
Anyway i was thinking if anybody on the forum was free and fancied a meet and dig, you would be most welcome. Begginers are most welcome if not sure about bait collecting,as i would be more than happy to share my digging knowledge with them.
I wont be betraying any secret marks, as anywhere along the lowtide mark will throw up a few baits (hopefully).

Anybody interested in this venture please post or pm me.

I will be heading out about 08.00ish (low tide Burntisland at 09.15ish).
will be heading out in any weather cause im mad.

cheers guys!!!!!:) :)
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