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hi m8,and welcome to site. i fish there as often as i can get down there. go to whitesands,theres a cafe in the carpark. oppisite the cafe theres a path that goes along the coast walk along there till u come to a turn style(bout 10 min walk) then instead of going on the main path theres sheep tracks to the left of turn style walk along that to some rocks sticking out there u will find a gully with grass( thats where i camp ) then go through and over the gully and go to the right but towards the sea and u will see ledges down there. be carefull as it can be slippery. in the winter u catch conger up to 30lb,wrasse,rockling,flatties,doggies and whiting. then in summer conger,wrasse,rockling,doggies,coalfish,bass, pollack and mackrel thats all ive caught from there. also ive never ever caught less than 8 fish and ive been about 20 times. oh yeah and use a 8oz lead as the current can get pretty strong. hope that helps. oh i and ive found that it dont really matter if tides going out or in or weather its low or high tide. i always catch there.
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