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Im going to st ives from the 1st to the 2nd weekend in april

ive fished from the peer before and had a couple of flat fish. i have also done spining along the rocks for launce (those eel things)

im going to try night fishing on the top beach where the surfers go by day.

any tips on rigs, bait hook size, how far out to cast ect.

i am a beginer at sea fishing and need to know what end tackle would be good so i can get it ready and hopfully catch a few fish.

cheers guys.

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Hi SWsea,

I live in St Ives!! The beach that your referring to is Porthmeor! There are Schoolies on the beach at the moment, mostly to worm baits!!

A good place to try is "Clodgy". If you are stood on Porthmeor, you will see a headland on the left hand side of the beach..this is Mans head! Beyond it is another headland that is exposed over the low tide only...this is Clodgy!

It's quite productive to most methods, but please please take care!! It's accessible for only about 2 hrs each side of the low tide before getting cut off again! If there is any swell around take REAL care as it will get the odd sneaker set that will be much bigger than the rest of the waves, and can wash completely over the top of it!!

Another good place to try is off the back of "the island" below the coastguard watch......try putting a bait into the tidal rip that rushes by!!!

If you need any further info, just drop me a PM!!

Enjoy your hols and welcome to St Ives:)



hi SW, I used to fish St Ives all the time when my wifes nan was alive, (old st Ives Family) as we used to stay there weekends (hicks court)
i've had plaice over 4lb off Mans head, as well as Bass, turbot flounder etc,
loads of Ray off the reef (clodgy) and even had John dory and a sun fish(only hooked for about 10 seconds !) off porthminister point/sunny corner which is the other side of porthminister beach.
those were the days, don't fish it very often now as like i said, grandparents passed away, and the parking is an absolute nightmare, I avoid the place in the summer months, enjoy your fishing and lets us know how you got on.

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cheers for the advice guys.

frags, do you have msn so i could have a litle chat? no worries if not mate :)

i only see people who obviously dont usualy fish in st ives. you know the type.... dont know what the're doing, half a pack of frozen eels on a massive hook under the bigest cigar float going. most of whom are children.

as i say i hope to fish porthmere at night with my mate one night. we will be parking in the carpark on the island for a week so its no problem.

going to have a look round this site for rigs and general tips and advice.

will there be any sign of the schoolies in the middle of april can i expect much apart from flatties?

cheers again guys, all this help is much apreciated. :clap2:
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