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Well was hoping for abit more luck than the previous week daytime when i blanked and it wasnt too bad.
Got down to the 2nd bay near the car park around 1030pm, it was quite calm, a mild night around 10 degs & cloudy no moon visible.

by the time i was setup uit was around 11pm & my rod was twictching within minutes of casting over near the rocks, i pulled in small codling.

My ohs dad had another small codling within another 10 mins of mine (that was his first & last for the night :-0)
By this time both my rods were going mad at the same time so i pulled in my second rod which had a nice 2lb dogfish on it, my first ever!!! and i had a small whiting on the other rod.

So by the time it was midnight we had caught 4 fish between us. It went quiet for an hr or so, I then had another smaller dogfish & another whiting pulled in together at the same time, then that was it until 330am when i pulled in my rod to pack up with another small codling on the end.

I must state also that i must of lost at least another 3 fish when reeling in, but they got away :-(

I was using a mixture of lugworm & ragworm all tipped with a little bit of squid. Overall I caught 2 codling, 2 whiting & 2 dogfish. Still none of them were keepers, the first dogfish i probably could of kept as it was a nice size but i put it back, it was a shame i never got any pictures this time but next time will make sure.

For my first ever night session it was pretty good fun and i enjoyed it, my ohs dad though got a *******ing when he got home for being out so late LMFAO.

Overall a good night though.

Thining of a boat trip out in the next month or so.
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