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Just asking on here before I order else were. Looking the following 316 stainless for skeg & rudder assembly's. Hoping that someone has some off cuts about which mite suit me at a reasonable price as 316 is bloody expensive.

900mm of 1 1/4 round bar to suit 1 1/4 rudder stuffing gland
1.0m of flat bar. 90-100mm wide by 10-12mm thick
1no flat plate 60mm x 60mm by 10-12mm thick
8 pieces of 5mm flat approx 50mm wide by 150mm long
5mm flat plate approx 500 x 400

Also looking some reasonably heavy 316 pipe, 5mm plate & 20mm bar to make up 3no Samson post/bollards although this could do till a later date.

Thanks in advance.

Forgot to add that I would need it delivered to eighter Northern Ireland or heywood, Manchester - whichever is handiest/cheapest.
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