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steetly last night

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i got there about 8pm and started fishing 15mins later on the end. there were a few fishing the platform areas but all had nothing as i passed. on the end there was about 5 fishing the left side and front and a few on the concrete.

there had only been a couple of small whiting and dabs caught since 5pm.

i fished straight of the end using my usual rigs. in about 2.1/2 hours i only had 6 fish, 3 dabs and 3 whiting 4 of which were size.

as usual i couldnt help helping the other guys near me out and gave away the last of my glow grubs and tweeked a rig or two. i even gave one of them my top to wear as he was freezing.

they also managed a couple of size whiting after that.

the one guy left on the concrete had a few whiting and dabs also.

as i came off speaking the the lads fishing further back towards the platforms they had 1 flattie and 2 whiting between 5 of them.

i only used rag and mackerel today, just to use it up really but i dont think any other bait would have worked any better.

i had a nightmare on one of my rods getting 4 crack offs almost in succession. resulting in loosing 2 spools of line and all the other stuff that goes with a cast.

i think the problem might be with my rod, a cracked ring or something but will strip and check the reel also.

with the calm sea and small tide i thought there would be loads of whitng to catch but this was the worst session i have had on there for a long time. the bigger dabs will probably moved off to spawn plus most of the whiting.

its going to be lean times for a couple of weeks unless thers a bit of movement until other species move in.

left at 10.45pm and put the rest of my worms back to bed until later in the week.
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there seems to be some winds forecast for mon bill and with big tides you never know although the forecast is sure to change:schmoll:
A good report there Dabcatcher, one day I will get round to having a try at steetly and will no doubt be trying to cadge some tips from you !
ps. have made up a few of your rigs, will give em a go v.soon and post how I get on.
Northerly weather on the long range weather forcast on bbc from sunday turning cold.
nice report mate as any body fished the folly or the pipe yet since the storm . . .??
What Storm was that Ronney? All the strong Winds recently have been South West or Westerly and no good to man nor beast. Hopefully some form of Northerlies due next week.

nice report mate as any body fished the folly or the pipe yet since the storm . . .??
Nice one Bill mate.... at least you got a few... you,ll be getting a "saint hood"
DABCATCHER.... Patron saint of Sea Anglers..... Chris
Nice one Bill. Nice to see you helping some one for a change;) like you say things will be getting desperate if the sea dont get a stir up. Im going to have an early spinning sesh and a little dangle for some wrasse just to see whats about depending on weather
wonder if anyone can help was down steetly about 3-4 weeks ago and there was no security, can anyone tell me weather or not there is still security or not?
Welcome to the site Dave2:clap3: , from what I can gather there is no security on at Steetley at the moment. The Hartlepool lads will give you more info soon.
welcome to the site dave2 stick around and have fun
nice report bill well done ....................we had busy weekends last couple with pigeon sales so no fishing ......was hoping to be out tomorrow but might be working ..........little cod master too busy playing on his nintendo wii. i got him on tues...........p.s he the bowling champ at moment
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