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have you got permission from the FPO [ fishin permission officer] ???
i'm just about allowed to take a telescopic rod,reel and baccy tin with some soft plastics and some carolina weedless rigged worms/shads, she'd never let me take all that lot. flippin eck

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I had full intentions of flat out fishing but in all honesty seeing a cloudless sky and blaring sunshine I wasted 2 days laying in the beach doing absolutely nothing except for the occasional trip to the bar.
As I had used up half my suitcase allowance with fishing gear I thought today I better get on with it.
Body of water Coast Shore Sea Beach

This was to be my destination for the afternoon. A fairly stiff breeze from left to right ment could only really attack the right hand side.
Geological phenomenon Rock Selfie Geology Recreation

Once on my allotted rock to say I was as happy as a pig in muck is a understatement.
Fishing was a bit of a mixed bag. I soon gave up on the gulp as every time I threw it out within seconds it was attacked by weavers ewwww. Lots of pretty wrasse caught from all sorts of different lures.
Recreation Water Sea Coast Rock fishing

I brought x2 5g black Minnows with me and couldn't resist giving them a try.
Couple of casts and this little beauty smacked into it.

My photo doesn't do the fish justice, the colours were amazing.
Couple more casts and the minnow was smashed almost pulling the rod out of my hand a second or two and my line was severed. Ouch !!
I switched to a crazy sand eel but no takers at all. Went back to playing with the small stuff for a while which as always is great fun but wasn't too long before trying my last black minnow. 2nd cast and whack monster hit again. 2 seconds later line cut again... Arghhhh
I played about with a few metals but unless I put a little bit of isome on the hook had no interest at all. Even so no hook ups just tail pullers.
Will have to try again tomorrow:)
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