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sucess at last

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7.30 am just in from a good nights fishin me n bro headed to portrush armed with fresh lug n rag we got there bout 5 **** me it would hav blown the horns of a bull any way ended up at a mark beside the broken down pier cushendun were between us we caught 3 flounder 5 pollock all in and around a 1lb in weight 2 rotten dog fish wich ruined 1 of my cascade rigs and 4 coalies 1 was bout 2lbs and the rest 1lbn a half. Used 2 bags of rag n 2 bags of lug each the coalies and pollock was caught on lug and doggy n flaties rag. Just goes to show ya there is fish there if conditions is right ie weather bait rigs presentation of bait n high tide workin its way in any way thanks for readin n ill keep the lads updated

Tight lines chris
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At least you got a few fish to fuel the thirst for more fishing. Never be afraid to try new spots on the coast.
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