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Me and the prawn decided to give sull island a go yesterday for the first time to see if there was anything out in the deep water. Got over there about 1ish on saturday, couldn't believe the depth of water out there even at low tide. We fished the monkey pole casting out south easterly looked like the cleanest ground on google earth. Weather was boiling hot, wind was none existant:) . And that was as good as it got for me really, The prawn managed a tiny doggie of about 1/4 lb and a nice 4-5lb conger. Only thing i caught was some serious sun burn:schmoll: .
Lovely day though had a nice bbq at high tide. I see what you mean by a rip at high tide it was absolutely crazy after high tide lost about 4 leads. Finally called it quits at about 2am. 13 hrs fishing for 2 fish, :cry: . Think ill stick to shore marks untill more fish start getting caught off there but great to try a new mark.

Tight lines all

Barri :)


I ache so much :sad:

Ah well, at least you caught something, not a good time of year for the mark?

That depth is amazing, my last trip over it with my boat showed 125ft only 10 yards off the monkey pole towards Cardiff and then it steeply rises to about 15ft at around 350 yards further on - this was at 1.5 - 2hrs from low tide.

It a good conger and codling mark on the boat at the right time of year, and I only fish at casting distance so don't give up on it, try it on a warm summer night for the congers!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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